Meet the makers

FRISSR believes in super heroes who want to make a difference with their expertise. We have assembled a team with all the necessary skills to change the world of recruitment.


Background: Recruitment, HR, Traineeships


Role: Energy Director

Background: Business Management, Operations, Process Management


Role: Managing Director

Background: Computer Science, Security, Web Development


Role: Director of In-human Resources

Background: Computer Science, iOS Development, Web Development, Security


Role: Computer Scientist

Background: Computer Science, Security, Analytics


Role: Security Officer

“At FRISSR we want to change the IT career landscape by creating an universal language.”

Our Story

FRISSR started with the idea to change the IT career landscape by creating an universal language. From our own experiences, hiring IT talent has become a competitive game and no fun for the players. Too many empty buzz-words and no attention for true skills and cool content. This is what we want to change. Our on- and offline services are based around skills and content, not the big names. 

The past years we noticed that university students missed skills they could directly apply in their first jobs. In cooperation with several companies, we initiated the concept of kickstarter bootcamps (Kickstartr) to help students develop these skills in a short amount of time and help them find their first job. 

In February 2016 the first edition of TECH020 was held, in cooperation with Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. This was our first offline service where we created a moment where young professionals and companies could meet. The unique element was that this event was solely content-driven, resulting in a day full of interesting (because: content) sessions and key note speakers. TECH020 is now part of our yearly activities. Curious to see what TECH020 has got to offer you? Read more here.

Based on our in-the-field activities, TINKR was developed. We basically had the idea to automate the current recruitment process and at the same time make the job market much more transparant by creating a universal language. TINKR became a data-driven career platform that evolves around your skills and competences and the skills that companies are looking for. Find out your self, let’s TINKR!